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Art Of Adventures


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War Of Spells Review

War Of Spells is an app by Art Of Adventures. War Of Spells was first published on . War Of Spells is available on Steam.

Knife combats, gun-fights, artillery fire... There is nothing of the sort in this game. Meet the first of a kind, an unprecedented magic shooter with powerful spells, wands, and colorful splashes!

Only your magic skills define if you are going to win or lose all the countless battles between the Marauders and adepts of the Order of Magic Policy.
The two warring parties will meet and clash in spectacular magic combats and show off their most powerful and impressive battle and defense spells. Fight after fight, they will upgrade their skills and mount the steps of the ranking system.

Let the magic fight start!

Find your own way in the Wizard world. Fight against enemies and show all your might.

Find a special wand for battles. It will be your credible partner. No matter, how many spells you know, if your wand isn't powerful enough.

Learn new spells and master fighting strategy skills. Remember that there is a special moment for each spell. It is only for you to decide when attack, or protect.

Win fights and receive higher ranks. Reach the top of magic combat mastery and earn worldwide recognition.

Now it's time for you to make your choice - join one of the sides and get on top of the battle magic art.

War Of Spells

4.2 / 5

War Of Spells Logo
Author: Art Of Adventures
Size: 500 MB available space

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