Kitchen Cabinet Kickboards

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Kitchen Cabinet Kickboards | A century ago, the types of materials that were getting used for kitchen countertops were an entire different ball game from what is getting used today. Through out my remodeling career I have torn out many a well used countertop from homes that were internal early 1900’s along with the original nailed down countertop had been in place. I have seen tops that have several layers of vinyl and then someone had installed a laminate, like Formica, along with the layers of vinyl. Each new house owner had added the most recent and greatest product that have been developed for kitchen countertops.

Today it is almost work simply to maintain all of the new and or recycled goods that are getting used to fabricate countertops, especially considering that the GREEN PRODUCTS movement has really started to grab steam. Not only are companies using recycled glass but they’re now using recycled paper and cardboard. Bamboo flooring may be out on the market for quite a while now but did you know that you can purchase bamboo countertops. Plus, one company is even mixing recycled post consumer paper with bamboo fibers to make their counter material. Scrap aluminum shavings is yet another material that’s now being mixed with a resin to create, what I think, is one of the prettiest and quite a few novel countertops in many years.


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